A Guide To Buy Genuine Aromatherapy Essential Oils


There is a huge market for aromatherapy products hence it is easy for the penetration of counterfeit items. This is the reason you should always be careful when buying aromatherapy products.

You need to know the reason why you are buying the aromatherapy essential oils. Maybe you need a massage or any other healing oil or candle.

Next, you need to know the specific essential oils to purchase, if you need single oil or different oils blended. Read and have more information about it, you can even ask an expert before taking the step of buying the oil. The following are tips for buying original aromatherapy oils.

Natural aromatherapy products

Make sure you buy genuine products. Ask to confirm if the oil is pure. Ask for the botanical plant names because thecdrbf r oils should be made from plants only. Read as much information about aromatherapy products, and go through online review for better knowledge of other options and where you will buy them from. It is advisable to purchase a small quality for the first time; this will help you in knowing what works for you better because you are going to have a testing opportunity of the product. After testing and knowing what is effective for you now, you can buy in bulk.

Be on the lookout for some kind of oils like strawberry, carnation, cucumber, lilac or rain. These oils are regularly synthetic which means the rest of the oils can be synthetic.

Checking for Purity

You can check on the purity by trying the oil, put a drop of the essential oil on a piece of paper. You will know if it is made of vegetable oil if it takes a lot of time to evaporate and leaves an oil make. Pure aromatherapy oil evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave any mark on a piece of paper.

Check on the quality

dvgrvfrgGood quality essential oils leave a little scent if you sniff it out. It is nice to buy your oils from a store that has a good reputation because they are known for selling original products. Ensure you purchase oil that is in a well-protected container. You should also know the ingredients that you are looking for and the properties of each and every element for effective results.


When buying a new product or a product from a new company, make your purchase in a small quantity. Check the oil for the tests above and if it passes you will know you have found essential oil products that work for you and also the company is selling quality things.